$1999 / Per Person

Havasu Falls, Arizona


5 Days
LTH Group Trips

Havasu Falls, Arizona


5 Days
LTH Group Trips

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What’s Included

  • Hotel in Flagstaff the night before
  • Airport pickup if you fly into Flagstaff
  • Transfer to and from the trailhead from Flagstaff
  • All Camping gear
  • Meals and snacks
  • Permits to camp

What’s Not Included

  • Flights
  • Car rentals
  • Travel insurance(we can help with this)

Havasu Falls, Arizone


Q: Where is the closest place to fly into?
A: Flagstaff Arizona is the closest airport to the trailhead. It's about a 3 hour drive.
Q: How long is the hike in?
A: It is approximately 10 miles each way from the trailhead. Expect it to take 4-7 hours.
Q: Is the hike difficult and do I need to be in really good shape??
A: The hike is fairly easy with the exception of a few spots. Having said that it can get very hot on the trail. You should be in decent shape to be able to make this journey.
Q: Will I have my own tent?
A: Yes, you can have your own tent but if you are with a companion you can share if you like.
Q: Are there lots of bugs?
A: There can be at times depending on the time of the year. We will bring plenty of organic bug repellants but we suggest bringing some of your own as well.
Q: Is there anywhere to buy food or supplies?
A: Yes but it is a 2 mile hike from the campgrounds. We will supply most everything but you will be able to purchase stuff from the store if you want to do the hike.
Day 1 :
  • Travel and Hike In Morning: Arrive at Hualapai Hilltop. It’s recommended to start your hike early to avoid the midday heat. Hike In: The trailhead starts at Hualapai Hilltop, and it's about a 10-mile hike to the Havasu Falls campgrounds. Along the way, you'll descend into the canyon and pass through Supai Village. Afternoon: Set up camp near Havasu Falls. Relax and enjoy the surroundings. If time and energy permit, take a short walk to the falls for an initial glimpse. Evening: Prepare for the night. Enjoy the stars – there’s minimal light pollution here.
Day 2 :
  • Exploration Morning: Wake up early and enjoy the sunrise. After breakfast, begin your day by heading to the two nearby waterfalls: Mooney Falls and Beaver Falls. Afternoon: Spend time exploring these falls, swimming, and taking photos. Evening: Return to camp. Consider chatting with other campers or enjoying the serene environment.
Day 3 :
  • Day at Havasu Falls Morning: After breakfast, take a short walk to Havasu Falls. The early morning light makes for fantastic photos. Day: Enjoy a full day at the falls. Swim, relax, read, or just soak in the beauty. Evening: Back at camp, consider preparing a special meal or sharing stories with fellow travelers.
Day 4 :
  • Supai Village and Little Navajo Falls Morning: After a leisurely breakfast, head towards Supai Village. Explore the village, learn about the local Havasupai Tribe, and perhaps pick up some snacks or souvenirs. Afternoon: On your way back to camp, stop at Little Navajo Falls for another round of swimming and relaxation. Evening: Pack up most of your camping gear in preparation for your hike out the next day.
Day 5 :
  • Hike Out and Departure Early Morning: Begin your hike out. It's crucial to start early to avoid the heat. Mid-Morning to Early Afternoon: Arrive at Hualapai Hilltop. Remember, the hike out is generally more challenging due to the elevation gain. Departure: Once at Hualapai Hilltop, head to your next destination or return home.

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