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Portable Espresso Machine $79

Nespresso Capsules $35

Alkaline Water Bottle $52

Water Bottle Filters $14

Portable WIFI $99

Universal Travel Adapter $19

Cable kit $36

Mophie Power Bank $59

Bose Portable Speaker $99

Apple AirPod Pro $235

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones $339

Luggage scale $10

Large Microfiber Travel Towel $11

Organic Hand Sanitizer $5

Immune and Hydration Support $22

Deet Free Organic Insect Repellent $5

Face Mask $12

Face Mask $10

ostrich eye mask $35

Airplane Footrest Hammock $15

inflatable travel cushion $17

3 pack reusable face mask $17

Unisex compression socks $17



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