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Investing Round Opens 9/01/2021

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…Where we shoot and repurpose travel content with influencers and make vacations bookable via social media. 80% of all travelers choose their next vacation on social media. The problem is no one is leveraging this influence and content for booking. In addition, travelers are spending an average of 7.5 hours of additional research on multiple websites to build the vacation that was just presented to them.  So, we’ve created a “One Click Away” solution to get you that vacation while turning followers into customers.

300+ Influencers

30+ Million Followers

We are in the process of onboarding 300+ influencers with a combined 30m in reach for our SAAS model.

3 Million+ Travelers

Subscriber and email list

Through our influencers and partners we have an email and subscriber list of over 3 million travelers.

$300,000 MRR

Monthly recurring revenue

Only three months into a soft launch we are doing 200k a month and ready to fully launch and scale.

PS. There are going to be amazing discounts and travel perks for investors with investments as low as $100!!!

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