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- what we do -

Did you know that almost 80% of travelers choose their next vacation on social media? And did you also know that people spend an average of 7.5 hours of additional research on multiple websites to build those vacations that were just presented to them?  Our mission is to solve that problem and bring the revenue into the pockets of influencers and content creators.  We’re doing this by creating a “One Click Away” solution to allow your followers(and others) to shop your trips.  The WHOLE trip! If you’re thinking, ‘Wow, how simple! Why don’t all influencers do this”.  The answer is simple. Influencers can’t and generally don’t want to be travel agents.  It requires licensing, insurance and a lot of time managing and being responsible for peoples trips. That’s where we come in.  LTH is a full service concierge booking platform and agency that was founded by filmmakers, Influencers, travel agents and content creators. We take your previous destinations and content and turn it into revenue for you. We handle all the logistics, reservations and booking for your followers and you don’t have to do anything!  In return we do a full 50/50 shared revenue split with you.  I mean, come on…you traveled and you created the content, you deserve to get paid for it.  So, if you’ve traveled to some cool places, done some cool stuff and have plenty of hard drives filled with travel content sitting around collecting dust, then let us turn it into cash for you. 

- How it works -

1. Create your package

We create with you travel packages based on previous trips you’ve done.

2. Drive awareness

We promote and market together these packages via your own landing page or widget which we build for you.

3. get the benefits

Customers book, we do the heavy lifting and you get paid.  Very simple.

- Coming soon -

4. Sponsored travel

We select partnered influencers to go on exclusive LTH trips paid for by yours truly.

5. Brand partnerships

We partner with brands to create branded travel content partnered with people like you!


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