Helpful Travel Hacks

- Our favorite travel apps -


Flush – public toilet locations with codes, or tips and tricks for the times in need!

Roadtrippers – Rant McNally corp, a way to map out all of the waypoints on a road trip (mainly US, Canada, and Mex) and can show you optional and interesting stops.

Pokemon GO! – has a map layer, shows: lakes, paths, etc. Can be used as a local tour guide while you go hunting for pokemon!

iOverlander – has a vast array of places for travelers: camping, hotels, restaurants, mechanics, water, propane filling, and many other categories! There are extensive details such as: amenities, photos, date last visited, and GPS coordinates – the ultimate category app! – takes less space to download an offline app of a location/city. No only is it a great map system, but it can also give you some detailed information about outdoor routes alongside the offline search mode!

Roadside America – gives lists of things like, “Americas Larger Rocking chair” or a quirky museum, or odd statue. Anything that is wildly different! It is a paid app.

Transit – reliable for public transit, Europe supported! Can see real-time arrivals for trains and buses, get notified if there are any disruptions.

Google Maps and their List features – can create a list of things that the traveler wants to visit and places that you have/want to visit with all the necessary information.

Itineraries / Planning / Booking

TripIt – creates a master itinerary as soon as you book a flight, hotel, car or any other reservation. Will sync with your calendar and/or share it with anyone you choose.

Rome to Rio – useful for filling in the gaps of a trip that you are unsure about what to fill it with. Just enter any address, landmark or city as your destination and it will display all your travel options and possible booking information, accommodation providers, and things to do! 

Hotel tonight – Brings you some great deals while you gain points! Can filter through three single categories “Basic,” “Hip,” & “Lux.”

Trip Case – make an itinerary, and it automatically pulls the data in to one single place. Saves all the important details like confirmation numbers/emails, adjustments to flight details, and will notify you on any changes with your travelling details

Gowhee – Find great places for families to go traveling together with a bountiful list of information on babysitters, playgrounds, trail & park categories, reviews from parents, special needs filters, service providers, and much more.

Traveloka – Indonesia travel app, flights, busses, trains, hotel booker. Always helps with finding the best deal while traveling in and around Indonesia. 

AirBnb – Live like a local at apartments, homes, and locals that a hotel just can’t match!  

ID90travel – Find and book hotels, all-inclusive resorts, cruises, rental cars, and more at VIP rates that the general public can access. With over 1 million (you hear right, 1,000,000) hotels around the world, 22 major cruise lines, and the 5 biggest rental car brands; you can find it here! 


Vivino – scans the ticket of the bottle and will tell you everything about the Wine. Will also suggest wines you might like that are comparable to the bottle you scanned. You can also save the labels/wine to your virtual cellar that you can then browse again at a later date. 

Infatuation – Find a restaurant for the perfect situation by providing you with a nearby list of restaurants that cater to your specific situation. Allows you to save your favorite restaurants and ones you’ve been meaning to try! 

Chefs Feed – provides lists and guides for drinking and dining with killer content. Utilizes maps, hours, directions, and personalized recommendations based on your dining preferences.

Photography / Weather

Alpenglow – Schedule for blue hour, golden hour, sunset. Quality of the sunsets, that you can select from any location in the world! 

The Photographer’s Ephemeris – Find the best viewpoints for where to shoot from. Helps find the best spots and locations to get photos of natural events or landscapes at any time of day! 

Lumos – Helps predict the exact position of the sun and moon at any time! Whether you’re planning a photoshoot or, wedding, or night walk; you can always find the moon! 

Plan-It – Great for night photography, city photography, time-lapse, star-trails, milky way or astrophotography! It is an excellent app to line up shots on specific dates to help you capture exactly what you are imagining. 

Photopills – Can create plans for moon, sun, star movements so you know exactly where to be at the right time to capture the perfect image. Supplies information on light during the days. Will help with long exposure calculations, sun/moon alignments, and more! 

My Aurora Forecast – Tracks the aurora northern lights on a map around the world where it is available to see. 

Retouch – remove anyone or anything from a photo in the background and/or foreground – great editing app.

Watermarked – great for Adding watermarks to iPhone photos or mobile photos.

Explorest – Gives exact locations for the best places to take photos at. (Only available in: CA, NY, HI, WA, OR, MI Chicago, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai)

Clear Outside – tells us what level of clouds there will be and what kind of coverage there will be at a specific time/day. 

Astropheric – Produces highly accurate 48 hour forecasts for the entire continental United States or Canada. Will provide a 10 day cloud forecast, or Kp Index for aurora viewing, sky data, and more!

The Guest – can upload photos to a shared album making it easy to get photos off others phones and download what you want. Great for large events, weddings, or long trips! 


Harvest Host – Offers RV camping at 1300+ wineries, breweries, farms, museums, golf courses and unique attractions that invite RVers to visit and stay overnight for free! great company to reach out to.

Yescapa – Used to rent someone’s RV, campervan, motorhome etc for a per/day price! Use it for a weekend getaway, or a week long trip, while you travel in your preferred vehicle! 

Boat Setter – Airbnb for boats. Can charter small putt putt boats for a couple hours to major Yachts for long travels. Useful for watersports, celebrating, sailing, partying, or just cruising. 

Zipcar – pick up and drop off car rental 


Best Parking – shows you where you can park on streets and parking garages etc. Can easily book/reserve different parking garages and spots right from the app!

Park4night – free camper spots around Europe, shared by those who use the app. Will provide you with information on free places to stay for the night and rest. Moving to the US in the future.

Camping / Nature

All trails – 100,000+ hand-curated trail maps plus reviews and photos from actual hikers, bikers, and trail runners. With detailed information about a multitude of information, say dog-friendly? Kid-friendly? The elevation, best biking routes, and so much more. 

Mountain project – Great for finding camping spots especially with climbing areas. If you arent looking to climb, often time the spots will have free parking spots for nights or long stays! 

Campendiem – Created by campers for campers. 10,000+ places to camp, with over 350,000 full-time travelers members. Great for national parks, RV parks, cell service reports, free dispersed camping, and so much more. (Only US, Canada, Mexico) 

Free Roam – Great for camping and gauging the right trip for you! It has the ability to filter by road difficulty, cell signal, crowdedness. Helps you find dumping sites, fresh water, groceries, gyms, showers and more. 

Peak Finder – if you are out in the wilderness and want to know the name of the closest peak, height, or even the coordinates. This is the app for you, will give you a 360° view of the peaks around you. Works with more than 800,000 peaks around the world!

Misc / Hacks

Intelligent Traveler – corporate travel. Mostly for group travel, to book travel and get reward points with. Only for National Travel Inc. 

iMoney – An excellent converter for currency, in real time.

Mobile Pass – for those who don’t have global entry, allows you to speed through immigration on the US side. Can be faster than global entry, available at most to all major airports in the us. Good for US citizens and Canadians entering the US 

Time Shifter – Custom fits advice to help alleviate your jet lag. This app will provide advice on flight plans, sleep patterns, and ways to help reduce the effects of jet lag

iTranslate – Great for translating languages offline. Can use a real-time translator with someone speaking one language that will translate it instantly into your language.

Dialup – serendipitous voice chat with someone else in the world. Different lines for different languages. The app calls you at a random time with a random person waiting to chat. 

Award Wallet – free version, puts your accounts into it and it will analyze all of your points and tell you how to use them the most effectively! 

Card pointers – Freemium, will help keep track of the categories of your credit cards and the best locations/sectors to use them with.

Card Curators – recommendations for using your cards in the right place at the best time to get the most possible points. 

DUFL – Provides a virtual assistant to help you pack your bag for your trip. By using their virtual closet, you can select what you need and they will pack and ship you a bag wherever you need it to go. They will pick up and move the bag for you taking away the physical weight of moving your bag from place to place.  

Splittr – At the end of a trip, will show who-owes-who and how to share the expenses. Works offline while syncing with friends, all currencies are supported.Provides some statistics and fun facts about your group as well!

Daycation – Useful for accessing hotel amenities for the day without getting a room or spending the night! Allows you to book passes for: pool access, beach access, chairs, food and beverages discounts, Spa access, rooftop pools, gyms, and even luggage storage!

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