Destination Greece 8 day for 8-12

- 8 day Greece sailing trip for 8-12 -

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You’re picked up at your destination and driven to your local airport for your flight.  This will Most likely be a red eye flight.


Upon arrival in Athens you’ll be picked up and driven to your boat to meet your skipper.  You’ll be given a tour of the boat and go over safety and boating practices.  The boat has been pre-stocked with some basic food so if you’re hungry don’t worry.  After your briefing you’ll set sail to Epidaurus where you will dock or anchor for the evening.  


Sleep in and come up deck when you’re ready for breakfast and fresh fruit.  Visit the local market to stock up on food for the next week and stroll through town to visit some of the local shops.  Next stop, the sunken sea where you can snorkel the remains of an ancient underwater ruin.  Head ashore in the afternoon for a farm to table experience with a local farm.  As the sun sets you’ll head back to the boat where you can gaze at the stars.


You’ll most likely awake this morning with the boat already in motion to your next destination.  You’ll stop along the way in some deserted coves to swim and enjoy some private beaches.  Towards the end of the day you’ll dock in Poros and head ashore for a traditional Greek diner.  


After your breakfast rent some ATV’s to explore the island for the day.  You can hop the ferry with the ATV’s and head to Galatas to Devil’s Bridge where you can hike and swim in the waterfalls.  Head back to the boat where dinner will be waiting for you.  Go for an evening walk and have some gelato.


Today you’ll sail to Hydra.  One of Greece’s hidden gem islands.  This was probably our favorite island.  Vehicles(including bikes) are prohibited.  The only was to get around is either walking or by donkey.  Stroll through the alleys and narrow streets and visit the local shops.  Watch the sun set from one of the many swim areas along it’s coast.  When night falls you will enjoy it’s bustling nightlife.  Walk along the cliffs and visit the many restaurants and bars.  Dance and drink the night away and stagger back to the boat when you’ve had enough!


Set sail back towards Athens, stopping at the many private coves for a little privacy and water sports.  As it gets late in the day you’ll find a nice deserted cove to anchor for your last night.  Watch the stars and sleep on the deck if the weather permits.  


Wake up and sail back to Athens.  Lounge on the deck or rest below as your trip comes to a close.  Take a last dip in the Mediterranean and when you arrive you’ll be taken to the airport for your flight home.  Upon arrival a car service will take you home.

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