Your Mission Is Our Mission

We provide you group planning expertise by being an extension of your company’s mission. Byunderstanding your unique goals, brand, and target audience; LTH provides “White-Glove” service tocreate once in a lifetime experiences.

LTH understands the amount of work it takes to run a company while keeping up employee morale.Our goal is to take the heavy lifting away from you and your employees and create seamlessexperiences that enhance your company’s objectives, culture, and brand.

A Dedicated Concierge Team to solve all your problems


Hiring an in-house event planner is expensive, requires training, and often does not come with centivized discounts from vendors.

At LTH, you are provided with a Dedicated Concierge Team which has gained the trust and respect of vendors worldwide to remedy high costs. Through our secured partnerships with brands, production companies, and city authorities, we offer unique experiences at a fraction of the cost.


Save time researching venues, vendors, activities, training event planners, and handling contract negotiations.

With a Dedicated Concierge Team at your service, our sole focus is your offsite or event and experience. With years of knowledge, they have vetted hundreds of venues and destinations around the world and handle contract negotiations so you don’t have to. A dedicated team eliminates redundancies, miscommunications, and creates a smooth planning process to give you time to relax and enjoy the experience.

A Dedicated Concierge Team to exceed your expectations

Innovation and Creativity

LTH embraces the latest technology and experiences to bring groups together. From creating virtual events or building luxury tent communities in national parks to swimming with sharks. We strive to create lasting group experiences.

Your Dedicated Concierge Team will build a custom branded website and branded emails for you while transforming lives through creative in-person or virtual activities that will leave your group inspired and rejuvenated with a new sense of purpose.

Content Creation

LTH offers an in-house production crew to film and edit your group and experience. Offering well-strategized content and branding builds trust with employees, consumers, potential clients, and customers and we are here to capture it.

Your Dedicated Concierge Team will design an offsite or event that is truly yours and is properly branded to give attendees a sense of community and showcase your company’s culture and values. Our team will capture this moment for your internal or external use which can help gain clients and recruit future employees.


Group experiences are orchestrated months in advance and planned to the minute detail to ensure high engagement and that no disturbance arises. LTH provides seasoned and expert planners that understand what will help drive engagement while always maintaining additional backup plans.

Your Dedicated Concierge Team will focus solely on your event and create an offsite or event that is planned to the minute detail where attendees feel a sense of collaboration and community which translates into forging relationships with fellow attendees, clients, and speakers.

Remote Employee Offsite

Designed for companies with remote employees, our Remote Employee Offsite offers an opportunity for employees to come together, build camaraderie, establish goals, and get to know their peers while still being productive

Event Plannig

LTH designs and markets events of any size while coordinating all technical aspects. We have planned,managed, and executed national conferences with over10,000 attendees, trade shows and live music concerts.

Corporate Retreats

Designed for small executive gatherings, our Corporate Retreats offer an opportunity for executives to come together, strategize company goals, review financials, or hosta shareholder meeting in a comfortable and private environment.

Group Leisure Travel

Our Group Leisure Travel offers are designed to be an added benefit to employees that travel frequently. LTH is here to help companies coordinate, streamline, and oversee employee travel while offering perks to improve employee morale.

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