7 day California Motorcycle Trip

- 7 day California motorcycle trip -

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San Luis Obispo

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San Fransisco

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Fly into LA to pick up your car. Drive north towards San Luis Obispo. There are lots of great places to stop along way. Among them are Santa Barbara and Solvang(a quaint little Danish town). Check into your hotel and if you’re feeling up to it we can arrange an evening sea kayak tour through some of the costal caves(weather and waves permitting). Explore downtown San Luis Obispo where you can eat at many of their great restaurants. Don’t forget to visit Gum Alley. It’s a must see!


Continue driving up the coast towards Big Sur. This area is one of the most beautiful areas of central California and the drive won’t disappoint either. Tonight, you’ll be glamping at the luxurious Ventana Inn. We do have other options but this is our favorite. Sit by the campfire or visit the coffee and food stand they have on property. Here you’ll get to see the massive pines trees and nature of Big Sur.


Wake up and head up the coast towards Carmel, stopping along the way to see the many waterfalls and deserted beaches.  Check into your hotel and get ready for an amazing relaxing stay.  Our Carmel property is fabulous!  Great food, spa, pool, tennis and more.  You’re not gonna want to leave the resort so enjoy your time here!


Wake up early and hit the road.  You’ve got a 4 1/2 hour drive to Mendocino county on the coast, north of San Fransisco.  Upon arrival at your hotel maybe spend some time relaxing before watching the sunset while sitting by the fire pit.  


Wake up, eat breakfast and drive back down the coast to San Fransisco. There’s lots of places to stop along the way to explore, visit or shop. We found some hidden gems in this area to wine taste. When you arrive in San Fransisco check into the hotel and relax for the rest of the day.


Wake up and venture out and see the city. There are tons of museums and activities to do and we can help you with all of it. Definitely see Chinatown and if you don’t mind the crowds head over to Pier 39. Let us know if you want to dine at one of the Michelin rated restaurants and we can see about getting you a reservation.


Wake up and when you’re ready return the car, head to airport and fly home.

Tell us about your dream trip and we will get back to you shortly!

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