18 day California/Arizona/Utah motorcycle trip

- 18 day California/Arizona/Utah motorcycle trip -

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Los Angeles

Joshua tree

Palm Springs


Grand Canyon

Lake Powell




Las Vegas

Death Valley

Mammoth Lakes


- itinerary -


Welcome to Los Angeles, once you arrive you’ll pick up your car and drive to your hotel. We work with many hotels so you’ll have quite a few to choose from. With not much time in LA we recommend seeing the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Venice beach. There are dozens of great restaurants to choose from and we’d be happy to make some suggestions and reservations. We also have a list of hidden gem off the beaten path experiences you might want to see if the typical tourist destinations don’t interest you.


You’ll be taking the backroads through Angels Crest hwy and Big Bear towards Joshua Tree and end up at the famous Pioneer Town Hotel where you can soak up the beauty of the high desert. Explore old town and have dinner at the best spot in Joshua Tree, Pappy and Harriets, an old Honky Tonk restaurant/bar with live music. Sit by the communal campfire and enjoy the nights sky.


No rush, but when you’re ready head towards Palm Springs.  Check into your hotel and relax for a bit or lay by the pool.  Head into town for dinner or eat at the hotel.  If you’re feeling adventurous head into the desert to rent ATV’s.


Wake up early and head to Sedona. One of the most beautiful places in the southwest. Upon arrival you’ll check into your hotel and get settled. Maybe enjoy the pool or walk into town for some food or shopping. Relax for the rest of the day as there are lots of options for activities tomorrow.


If you’re an early riser and feeling adventurous maybe take a hot air ballon ride. There are tons of hikes and you don’t want to miss Slide Rock. It’s an amazing place to hike and swim. If you want to head off the beaten path we have private guides who can take you to some of those hidden gems but there are also lots of hikes to do on your own. One thing you won’t want to miss is riding dune buggies on the off-road trails. We had such a blast and highly recommend. Fairly certain you’ll be exhausted by the end of the day so relaxing at the hotel in the evening might be a good option.


Wake up early and make your way to the Grand Canyon. We have a number of glamping options for you to stay or treat yourself to the hotel at the South Rim overlooking the Canyon. It should be noted that you might just sit at the rim staring at it’s vastness for hours! We recommend driving around to the many lookout points and take lots of pictures.


We have a few backroads that are longer but worth the drive as it’s unbelievably beautiful. Stop at Horseshoe Bend before heading to your hotel. Relax in town, get some food and relax for the evening.


Lot’s to do here from Lake activities, boat and jet ski rentals but you can’t leave this area without seeing Antelope Canyon. Located on an Indian reservation and does require a reservation to do the tour. YOU CAN NOT MISS THIS! Hot air Ballooning in the area is also amazing.


Get up early and make your way to Moab.  Do the drive through Arches National Park and if you’re really up for a challenge we can set up a private rock climbing excursion.  Check into your hotel and enjoy a stroll around the town.

DAY 10

We suggest getting up early to drive to Escalante as this is one of the prettiest drives you’ll ever do and it’s where our favorite property in the US is. It’s an upscale glamping experience with luxury cabins and air streams. Once the sun goes down be ready for a treat as they have a drive in movie theatre complete with 50’s cars to sit in and free popcorn!

DAY 11

Get up early to explore the area and it’s many hikes. We can set up a private guide to take you to some of the local hidden gems. Horseback riding and dune buggies are an option as well. Probably best to head to Zion midday and check into your hotel. We have a few in the area to choose from.

DAY 12

Wake up and have a quick breakfast and explore Zion National Park. We recommend hiking the narrows. One of the best hikes we’ve done. It’s a must see!

DAY 13

Drive towards Las Vegas and make sure you take the Valley of Fire loop to see it’s many rock formations and colors. We recommend attending the Meow Wolf exhibit, and to see either Absinthe or a Cirque du Soliel show. Whatever you do, you’ll be tired by the end of the day.

DAY 14

Wake up early and head towards Death Valley. You’ll want to detour and do the Red Rock Canyon loop. It’s on the way and really beautiful. Before checking into your hotel head over to Badwater to see their mini salt flats. Back to the hotel where you can take a swim and relax for the rest of the day.

DAY 15

After breakfast head over to the sand dunes and Mosaic canyon. From there you’re already on your way to your next destination. Mammoth Lakes! Check into your hotel and you’re welcome to explore the town and surrounding nature.

DAY 16

Hit the road early as there is so much beauty on this drive you’re gonna want to stop every 5 minutes. You’ll have a few options here of places to stay to cater to your budget. Check in and get settled before venturing out to explore the views of Half Dome and El Capitan. Be sure to make your way to the meadows in the evening to see the deer come out to graze.

DAY 17

Lots of options today but we recommend hiking the Mist Trail, the Mirror Lake hike, lower Yosemite Falls or riding bikes around the valley. Don’t for get to visit the Ansel Adams museum and if you’re feeling really adventurous do the full day hike to the top of Half Dome. You’ll need tickets for this so let us know and we can arrange in getting them if they are available. Have a nice diner at the Ahwahnee Hotel if you’re staying in Yosemite valley. The hotel is stunning.

DAY 18

Wake up and drive back to LA or San Fransisco where you will return your car and fly home.

Tell us about your dream trip and we will get back to you shortly!

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